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Staffing Services

This is a only a brief description of the service.  If after reading this you still have concerns or questions, please write us a line of feedback.


As a manager and a leader, sometimes you just want things done, taken care of.  Unfortunately, it is too often the case that leaders are required to spend way too much time and effort on managing mundane tasks.  Wasting the time that should have been spent on planning, communicating, projecting.  We can take a project out of your immediate preoccupation and get it done without you having to spend any more effort on it, leaving you open for the things you should have been able to do in the first place.  All while keeping you fully informed of the progress.

If our clients stay in business and do well - we do well.  Therefore it is our goal to have your business succeed.


There comes a time when you have a strategically important project that you can not afford or simply choose not to do with your own staff.  Whatever the reason is — we can come in and do it the way You want it done.  In-house or remotely, with training, support and documentation or without.


It is a common story these days when hiring technical people.  They come in, talk to HR, talk to the manager, everyone likes them, they get hired.  Months go by, and just when the work gets hard and time-sensitive, manager learns that they hired a "talker".

Do not make the same costly mistake.  Have us do the technical part of the interviews.  Avoid the load of excuses, missed due dates and political games.  Hire them right the first time.  There is plenty of good technical talent out there - don't miss out on it.

Automation and Corporate IQ:

One of our specialties lies in analysis of existing business processes with the objective of automation through software and through improvements in communication.  The goal is to eliminate paper-driven processes, connect systems together and improve the business workflow.  In other words, increase your corporate IQ and increase the speed of your business processes.

When the needed information is unavailable to everyone who requires it, businesses suffer.

Development of Custom Software:

Developing custom software is something our staff does this every day.  We are trained for it, we have hands-on experience and the managements skills to do it well.  Every time. Check out a sample of a custom project: TimeSheet Management Software.

What is the next step:

Tell us about your IT needs  or simply ask questions.  The more information you make available to us, the faster we can start being helpful.  All communications are kept confidential.

Please look through the list of our competencies and abilities.


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