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Partnership Program   

This is a only a brief description of the service.  If after reading this you still have concerns or questions, please contact us for more information..

What we bring to the table:

We can offer IT services to you and your clients!

IT is a large industry, with many services, problems and solutions.

While only a few years ago, most companies were doing great with a geek and no IT department, today things have changed drastically.   If you have grown beyond your geek, we can help you grow.  We work at any level. We advise, recommend, point, or we can simply do the work for you. No matter what the level is. We have people of any expertise the job may require.

At your request, we work in strict confidentiality.   Via this OEM-like partnership program, our consultants will appear to your clients as if they are working for your company.  Getting the credit for completing a project is of little value to us.

We have the resources and the experience that you, as a non-IT company, probably do not.

This task requires versatility, so we only hire gurus, people who have experience in many industries, people with good track record, people who can do the work fast and efficient.

What is the next step:

Contact us with the description of your job and what you would like us to help you with.  The more information you make available, the faster we can start being helpful.

To request information please proceed to the contact section.

To see the list of our main competencies, proceed here.

It is never too early or too late to start growing your company!
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