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Custom Reporting   

This is a only a brief description of the service.  If after reading this you still have concerns or questions, please contact us for more information..

Corporate IQ:

We analyze existing business processes with the objective of automation through software and through improvements in communication.  The goal is to eliminate paper-driven processes, connect systems together and improve the business workflow.  In other words, increase your corporate IQ and increase the speed of your business processes.

When the needed information is unavailable to everyone who requires it, businesses suffer. One of the biggest areas for improvement in most cases, we find, is the lack of necessary reports to see how the business is running or to provide needed information to the clients.


IT is a large industry, with many services, problems and solutions. Unfortunately, that leads to a disconnect between the systems and data within. With hundreds of systems and standards, one needs expertise in them all to get at the data within and to be able to report on it and extract what is important.

We have people who specialize in data extraction and data mining. We are able to connect to data sources by any means necessary, map the data to your business, extract it and present it in any form your business requires.

We have worked with a number of companies, from many industries, to provide a reporting solution that fits their business.

Reporting for Broker Dealers

We have designed a fully customized MIS bridge for OMS and market data vendors. The goal was to satisfy requirements from business, client and compliance sides as well as to maintain compatibility with larger financial institutions for report delivery.

The solution includes:

  1. A Web UI for viewing trading data for in-house personnel that may or may not have access to the trading platform.
  2. Ability to calculate and report P&L for Sales Traders and Traders using per-client chosen algorithms for either
  3. Interactive custom reports on data within our system and outside
  4. Delivery via a number of industry accepted standards (with optional PGP encryption): E-mail, FTP, HTTP, etc.
  5. Compatibility with a number of OMS platforms, including Fidessa, Virtual Exchange, BRASS
  6. Scheduled report delivery to and from counterparties, with optional manipulation prior to delivery
  7. Targeted reports (per client, per compliance officer’s area, per trader, per sales trader, etc.)
  8. Integration with other reporting systems for ease of access
  9. A number of common reports for Compliance (Financial Information Forum) with flexibility to add more*
  10. Allotted time to work with the client to create additional reports not included with the system

* Reports, among many, include: open order, daily activity, 3 pink sheet quote report,
parametrized activity reports, proprietary trading activity, counterparty, short sale, 605, 606, etc.

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