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Software Projects

Here are software projects which we would like to share.

Instant Messaging Solution:

Our instant messaging program is written for financial industry, keeping in mind the special needs and requirements.  Allows users of financial institutions to connect to a number of chatting networks (AIM, Yahoo etc) to keep in touch with clients and coworkers.  Helps administrators keep track of logs and maintenance issues for a widely distributed user base.


The zip location plugin helps develop cheap zip search solution for web designers everywhere. Cheap. Simple and easy!

TimeSheet Management System:

Written so that managers can spend less time creating invoices for clients and less time tracking hours for their employees and consultants. Time is money - spend it where it matters.


This little program allows one to decode y-encoded files. Quickly, reliably, on any platform. All Documentation is inside along with the source code.


Utility that can quickly scan through a tree of java source code and obtain simple statistics. Counts lines of code, comments etc. Can be easily modified to support C/C++/C#/J# code.

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