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Corporate Services  

This is a only a brief description of the service.  If after reading this you still have concerns or questions, please write us a line of feedback.

What we bring to the table:

It is a tough market out there.  Hard to find work.  Easy to loose it.  During times like these it is especially important to be on the "good" list, be successful.  This is where we come in.  You can hire us to do just that - to get you on the "good" list and to keep you there.

Bring in one of our specialists and we will help You succeed.  Training, assisting, managing, advising, overseeing - we have people who do it all.

At your request, we work in strict confidentiality.  Getting the credit is of no value to us.  After all - our clients are the ones who made the first step of finding a solution to the problem by deploying us.

Your business will do better if there is less chaos and more knowledge and wisdom in the upper echelons.

Are you a new CEO, CIO, IT Manager?   - We got your back!  Starting at a new job could be very difficult when you have got no one to rely on.  Scrutiny is always at it's highest during the initial ("settlement") period.  We can help!  Knowing the industry, knowing the technologies, having another pair of eyes - we will see things you could miss.  Together we will improve your chance to thrive in a new environment.

This technical stuff got too complex too fast?   - Bring us into a meeting, with or without your own technical experts.  We will fill you in.  We will point out inconsistencies or hidden traps you could be falling into.   Stop other managers from making poor technical decisions - the higher they start, the costlier they get.

Interested in a topic?   We also do research and training in a number of IT and management topics.

Got a speech?   Need someone to look it over for technical problems before your subordinates hear and criticize it?  Send it to us for a review first.

Take steps in the right direction.  Competition is merciless.  Having a friend is great.  Having a friend who can help you is priceless.

The relationship :

We create a relationship between you and someone from our staff who fits your technology profile. That person will be your key to all the knowledge and wisdom that we offer.  This can work as a full time service with the person working at your site, or on a per-request arrangement.

Once you feel that you no longer need that person's help, we will simply find him or her another client to work with.

If you prefer another approach, we will do our best to accommodate.

What is the next step:

Contact us with the description of your job and what you would like us to help you with.  The more information you make available to us, the faster we can start being helpful.

To request information please proceed to the contact section.

To see the list of our main competencies, proceed here.

It is never too early or too late to start improving your career!
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