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Specialties & Competencies   

Below is a list of our competencies. Something you are looking for is not present? Send us feedback - we will tell you if we've got it or we will recommend where to look.

Risk Management / Project Management

We have competent project managers who are familiar with numerous methodologies for managing risk-sensitive projects. This is our forte.
From tools, to methodologies, to arbitration, to people skills - we keep the big picture in mind and drive the project to completion on time and within allocated resources.

We can take over management on any existing or new IT project, allowing you to use your resources where they matter most.   A project that's failing or simply stumbling could always benefit from the a solid methodological approach.

Shaping your business

Employing top technologists, we consult even before a business takes shape or changes direction, to make sure your business matures using proper technologies. This makes for a faster idea-to-realization transition. Achieves it in the most economical way, ensuring the balance of short term benefits and long term maintenance goals. Bringing in top software architects early on is crucial to making the right decisions and to subsequent success.

IT Infrastructure

All IT department' needs - we can provide. From hardware to staffing. From network management to software development, architecture, documentation and customization. We organize, manage, provide, consult, cater and revive. If you don't have an IT department, we can even provide that for you.

Blockchain and Cybersecurity

We have experts in both. From securing your business assets to improving your data flow - we can help you make sense of these difficult technologies, so you can make the best decisions for your business.

Software Development

Architecture / Prototyping / Documentation / Development

We have a number of experienced system architects on staff. As a general rule, one cannot set out to build a large system without proper architecture, documentation and a prototype. We know how to quickly build prototypes that cost less and answer more questions on what the target system should be like.

We can also design and build the whole system for you, to your specifications. In-house or through outsourcing.

- Java, .NET, C/C++, PowerBuilder, Delphi, VB, VBA, COBOL, SQL

We have specialists available in practically every major language used in the IT field today.

- Windows, Unix, Mac, Linux, Solaris

In this day and age, single platform is no longer an option. Different deployment platforms provide different benefits. They also dictate different tools. We have personnel experienced with every Windows platform and most Unix flavors. Complete list also includes Apple, VAX/VMS and many more. Whatever your needs are - we probably have access to a specialist for that platform.

- Number of reporting engines, APIs.

Owning data is no longer the goal - knowing what inside is. We have specialists in report generation and distribution channels/formats. We can connect and extract reports from most systems. Custom interactive or paper reports can be generated in any format and distributed to your clients and vendors.

- Client / Server, Web, Databases, RPCs, Blockchains

To build a proficient system, today's architects must know how to use everything available. We spare no expense on training our staff with new technologies, products and tools.

Search engines and Data Mining
- Custom search engines for the enterprise

Information is all around. Find the information you need, fast. We have enabled large companies to find information they need to compete. Custom search engines, rules based systems and custom reports.

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