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About us:

We are a company of IT professionals who get your projects done quickly and properly.

Join the list of our clients and discover how a successfully executed project can move your company forward on the path to success.

We provide IT consulting services to companies of all sizes.   Staffing, Managing, Arbitration, Outsourcing, Risk Management, Taking over failing projects, Quality Assurance.

Our staff consists of highly educated and experienced professionals. Familiar with countless technologies, methodologies, industry practices and know-how, we have seen and done it all.

Services Overview:

Custom Reporting and Corporate IQ servicesKnow what inside the data you own! We have specialists in report generation and distribution. We can connect and extract reports from most systems. Custom reports are generated in any format and distributed to your clients and vendors.

Staffing, Custom Software and Related Services Don't run your business shorthanded - check out our staffing services.   We offer recruiting services, staffing, interviewing of potential hires, or simply taking over the delivery of the whole project. All to allow you to concentrate on your core business.

Corporate Aid Services When you start wishing your assistant had a CS degree and an industry experience, search no further!   Get a knowledgeable friend on your side in any business situation.

Partnership Program If you are a growing company, trying to expand your list of services to your clients, join our partnership program and benefit from our expertise.   Read inside for details.

We are proud to announce a partnership with AdWorthy. AdWorthy provides marketing and SEO solutions to businesses of medium to large size. We partnered with them to build a set of tools that allows them to handle largest clients in the industry.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Everyone knows an "SEO guy". We do it professionally, we do it right, no gimmicks, no empty promises. We deliver through hard work and results you can verify and see for yourself. Read up on what we do and how we do it.

Code Review While we are finally past the age of "make it work", most source code is poorly written, does not perform and unstable, at best.

Our top developers can perform code reviews, optimizations, make development environment more management friendly, stable and reliable. Talk to our specialists for greater appreciation of a systematic approach to code maintenance. Stable products are only achievable through proper Software Development Methodologies.

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